Roof Trusses
Roof Trusses


JAG has been supplying residential, commercial and agricultural roof truss systems to all parts of Newfoundland and Labrador for over 35 years.


Our trusses are designed using state-of-the-art engineering software, fabricated from high quality components and manufactured on innovative and dependable machinery.

Mitek Sapphire



JAG will ensure your roof trusses are designed to your specifications.

With the Mitek Sapphire software suite, our designers can layout your trusses in a 3D modelling program. If we find structural issues in your plan, we will work with you to find a feasible solution.


Our roof trusses come with a complete set of engineered truss drawings as well as a truss layout, giving you as much information as required to complete the installation and conclude a framing inspection.

Truss Components



JAG takes pride in the quality of our roof trusses, which is why we use high quality components in their fabrication.


We use quality kiln-dried (KD) and Machine Stress-Rated (MSR) lumber, sourced through reputable Canadian lumber brokers.

KD lumber has a lower moisture content than green lumber and this limits shrinkage as well as truss uplift.

MSR lumber has been mechanically tested for strength as opposed to visually inspected lumber.

JAG currently uses S-P-F KD lumber of the following grades: #2 & BTR, MSR 1650, MSR 1950, MSR 2100, MSR 2250.


We also use high quality connector plates as supplied by Mitek Canada, who boast best connector plates in the industry.

MangoTech Apollo Saw, Mitek RoofGlider



Not only does quality come from our components, but also through our manufacturing processes. Our truss fabricators take great care to ensure trusses are manufactured as per the design specifications.


Our manufacturing facility is equipped with very innovative machinery to assist them in constructing trusses as quickly as possible, which include a MangoTech Apollo saw with computer-aided cutting capabilities and a Mitek RoofGlider truss roller system.




JAG offers convenient deliveries to all parts of Newfoundland.


We have qualified drivers for a number of vehicles including an International 5th wheel tractor equiped with a JDH mini-stretch roll off trailor capable of transporting trusses up to 56 feet long and offloading with minimal assistance.


Longer trusses up to 70 feet long are delivered by a qualified carrier and may be accompanied by a crane truck for assistance during installation upon arrival.