Structural Connectors
Structural Connectors


JAG Roof Trusses carry a large assortment of structural connectors for use with dimensional lumber, engineered wood products and roof trusses.



We have truss and joist hangers available to work with various loads, lumber sizes and orientations. Hangers are selected as required by our designers for the intended application and are included with any roof truss or floor system provided by JAG.


Hurricane Ties:

Hurricane ties are used to make a structure more resistant to high winds by preventing uplift, overturning and sliding. Hurricane ties are normally included with roof trusses for commercial applications or upon request by the home owner. Suitable ties are selected by our designers to negate the uplift force caused by wind loads.


These are just a couple of the more common applications of structural connectors in wood frame construction. JAG has access to many other connectors sourced through two of the industries leading providers;

Simpson Strong-Tie and USP Structural Connectors.


Simpson Strong Tie
USP Structural Connectors